Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance Classes

Classes fuse a variety of modern techniques and current dance styles. They are based on the philosophy that dance is an expressive art form, as individual as the dancer.

I. Beginner (6+)
B: First year of contemporary- A perfect transition class from creative dance towards more dance technique.

A: Second year of contemporary- An introductory technique class balanced with creative dance elements. Also good for beginners age 7+.

II. Beginner/Advanced Beginner (8+)
A continuation of the foundational elements of dance technique. Beginning students welcome.

III. Beginner/Advanced Beginner (10+ beginner)
A class designed to develop basic dance technique and expressive movement. Good for students with a year or two of experience, or age 10+ beginners.

IV. Adv Beg./Intermediate (10+ w placement)

V. Intermediate (Teen w Placement)

Beginner/Adv Beg. (teen/adult)
A class designed for beginners and dancers with some general dance background to develop contemporary technique. Experience not needed, but helpful.

Intermediate/Advanced (16+/adult)
A contemporary technique class for dancers with more than three years of experience.

Open-Level (teen/adult)
A multi-level technique class for the adult student. Beginners welcome.

Spring Contemporary Dance

I./II. Beginner/Advanced Beg. (6.5-9) @ $128
Session: 4/8-6/10
Thurs 3:00-3:50pm

III. Beginner/Advanced Beg. (10+) @ $130
Session: 4/13-6/15
Tues 5:00-6:00pm

IV. Advanced Beginner/Intermediate (10+ w placement) @ $132
Session: 4/12- 6/14
Mon 4:25-5:30pm

V. Intermediate (Teen w Placement) @ $134
Session: 4/9- 6/11
Fri 4:55-6:05pm

Beginner/Adv Beg. (teen/adult) @ $134
Session: 4/13-6/15
Tues 6:15-7:25pm

Int./Advanced (16+/adult) @ $137
Session: 4/12-6/14
Mon 7:15-8:30pm 

Summer Contemporary Dance

Contemporary (Open Level) @ $67


Age: Teen/Adult
Session: 7/7 -8/4
Wed 6:30-7:40 pm

Weekly Class Schedule

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Dress Code

Contemporary IB & IA:  See Creative Dance class dress code

Contemporary II, III, IV & V:  Black leggings and solid colored tops (Downtown Dance shirts are okay.) Barefeet or dance "paws".

All teen/adult contemporary classes: Comfortable, non-restrictive dance wear. Not too baggy. Bare feet or dance "paws".

Hair: Hair should be up, away from the face and out of the eyes.  Those without hairbands can purchase one from the studio.