HIP-HOP Dance Classes


A fast paced class fusing dance and athleticism. Classes explore current hip-hop, pop and funk dance styles through basic technique and choreography.

I & IB. Beginner (7.5 or 8+)
A fun introductory class for young dancers. 

IA/II. Beginner (10+)
A class designed to introduce hip-hop technique and/or continue skill development.

III. Advanced Beg. (9+)
A class designed to continue skill development. Minimum of three previous terms of hip-hop required.

IV. Intermediate (11+)
A class designed for dancers with at least two years of experience to further hip-hop technique and skill development.   

Beginning (teen/adult)
A fun and supportive class setting for those with little or no dance and/or hip-hop experience.

Advanced Beginning (teen/adult)
A class geared towards dancers with a minimum of one to two years of dance experience.

Intermediate/Advanced (teen/adult)

A class for dancers with a minimum of three years of hip-hop dance experience.

Winter Hip-Hop

I. Beginner (7.5+ beginner) @ $144
Session: 1/11-3/14
Thur 4:30-5:20 pm

IB. Beginner (8+ beginner) @ $144 - FULL
Session: 1/10-3/13
Wed 4:20-5:10 pm

IA/II. Beginner (10+ beginner/adv beg) @ $146
Session: 1/8-3/11
Mon 4:35-5:30 pm

III. Advanced Beg. (10+ w placement) @ $146
Session: 1/10-3/13
Wed 5:20-6:15pm

IV. Intermediate (12+ w placement) @ $148
Session: 1/11-3/14
Thur 6:50-7:50pm

Beginning (teen/adult) @ $105
Session: 1/9-2/20
Tues 8:00-9:00 pm

Advanced Beginning (teen/adult) @ $133
Session:  1/25-3/21
Thur 8:00-9:00 pm 

Intermediate/Advanced (teen/adult) @ $150
Session: 1/10-3/13
Wed 6:40-7:45 pm

Weekly Class Schedule

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Dress Code

Dress: Dance pants, any color. (e.g., dance cargo pants, sweatpants, leggings, or shorts) Solid color top, any color and style. Downtown Dance logo shirts can be worn instead of a solid top. CLEAN sneakers or athletic shoes, smooth sole is best. Hair up.

**For students in children's classes: end of term mini-show requires black pants.

Hair: Hair should be up, away from the face and out of the eyes.  Those without hairbands can purchase one from the studio.