Creative Dance (Age 3.5 to 6)

Creative Dance (Age 3.5 to 6)

These active classes are a perfect introduction to the world of dance through creative movement games, props and stories. Skill development includes basic coordination, rhythm and dance concepts. Guaranteed to foster a love of dance!

I. (3.5-5)
Great for the first time student!

II. (3.5-6)
The classic, fun dance class...for the mostly focused!

III. (4.5-6)
A creative and playful class that begins to introduce the student to dance technique. One year of level I or II recommended. 

Spring Creative Dance

Creative I
Age 3.5-5 @ $124.00
4/3- 6/12
Fri 10:30-11:10am

Creative IA
Age 3.5-5 @ $124.00
4/1- 6/10
Wed 2:40-3:20pm

Creative II
Age 4-6 @ $126.00
3/30- 6/8
Mon 3:45-4:30 pm

Creative III
Age 4.5-6 @ $126.00
4/1- 6/10
Wed 3:30-4:15pm

Weekly Class Schedule

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Dress Code

Dress: Leotard with simple attached or pull-on skirt, any color, OR dark leggings and a solid top, any color. Hair up.

Optional Recommendation: Ballet slippers and tights.

*Dress code package deal: Dance dress, tights and slippers for $39. (Based on availability.)*

Hair: Hair should be up, away from the face and out of the eyes.  Those without hairbands can purchase one from the studio.